News & Appearances

Cannabis Wire’s work contributes to the national conversation about cannabis. Here, you’ll find past and forthcoming appearances.

Cannabis Wire’s team and work in the news:

• The Sun Magazine: High Time (July 2021)

• Digiday: Fountain of youth: Meet 7 young founders transforming media (March 2020)


WNYC’S Brian Lehrer Show: When Will New York Have Legal Weed? (March, 2021)

WNYC’S Brian Lehrer Show: New York’s Pot Politics (March 2019) 

WNYC’S Brian Lehrer Show: Reefer, Managed: Who Will Get to Sell Weed? (April 2019)

WNYC’S Brian Lehrer Show: Northeast Cannabis Legalization Update (July 2018)

WNYC and Colorado Public Radio Present “Ask a Legal State: A National Conversation About Pot” (national 4/20 special)

All Things Considered: Bags Of Cash, Armed Guards And Wary Banks: The Edgy Life Of A Cannabis Company CFO. (April 2019)

The Atlantic podcast The Masthead: 25 Years of Reefer Madness. (Jan 2019)

Cheddar (various appearances) 

Cannabis Wire at events:

• Cannabis Europa (November 2019, NYC): Co-founder Alyson Martin moderated a panel.

• CWCBExpo (June 2019, NYC): Co-founder Alyson Martin spoke on a panel about the need for an increase in rigorous, uncompromising cannabis journalism.

• AvantPay (Oct 2019, D.C.): Co-founder Alyson Martin moderated a panel discussion about the role and impact of local regulation. 

• The Arcview GroupInternational Cannabis Investor Forum (Oct 2019, NYC): Co-founder Alyson Martin conducted a 1×1 panel about the future of the global industry with a director at the Canadian Securities Exchange. 

Cannabis Media Summit (Oct 2019, NYC): Co-founder Nushin Rashidian moderated a panel discussion about how cannabis coverage shapes regulation.