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Cannabis Wire publishes uncompromising journalism on the intersection of cannabis business, policy, and research. The founders of this news organization are journalists and experts with a decade of experience covering cannabis. (Read about our team and our founding statement here.)

Since we launched in June 2018, we’ve published⁠—for free⁠—smart, reliable coverage of the cannabis industry on this site, and in our morning newsletter, every weekday. 

Our original reporting has examined everything from how the industry is going global, like our piece that went Inside Colombia’s Canadian Cannabis Boom; to the legalization of hemp and subsequent fast-changing trends (one of our latest: Hemp: “Can this stuff be smoked?”); to the high costs of poorly considered regulation, detailed in this work of longform called When Oregon Blew It.

Cannabis Wire covers the industry’s influence on politics and policy. For example, we were the first news organization to report that Canopy Growth, one of the world’s largest cannabis companies, has started lobbying in the US. We published a three-part series called Cannabis Goes to Washington, about how the burgeoning industry is finding new GOP allies in Congress.

Cannabis Wire interviews some of the most important people thinking about cannabis, from US Attorney Billy Williams, leader of the DOJ Marijuana Working Group, to PAX’s first general manager for Canada.

And at 7 a.m., Monday through Friday, we send Cannabis Wire readers our newsletter, which includes this original reporting and the most important news of the day⁠—including industry moves, research, and data⁠—from around the world. 

In short, we’ve produced unique and groundbreaking journalism about this fascinating industry, and there’s plenty more to come. But quality journalism needs support, and next week, this coverage will only be available to C-Wire Plus subscribers.

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C-Wire Plus is for people with a professional interest in the cannabis industry, providing quick news and analysis informed by deep expertise and old-fashioned reporting. Our work is not funded by the cannabis industry or any other business that might have interests; our readers will support our trustworthy accountability journalism through subscriptions.

Every weekday morning, we’ll deliver our latest original reporting and analysis straight to your inbox—all the critical insights you need in one newsletter, leaving you (and, for some of you, your team) prepared for the day ahead while saving you time.

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Who is reading?

Our readers include:

• Regulators

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• Investors

• Business owners, from the biggest multi-state operators to ancillary companies

• Researchers

• Journalists

• Advocacy leaders

• …People from more than two dozen countries across six continents, including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Colombia, Mexico, and China.

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