Credit: Shane T. McCoy / U.S. Marshals

U.S. Justice Department Aims to Dismiss Cannabis Companies’ Lawsuit

The suit argues that federal cannabis prohibition should not apply in states that have chosen to legalize. DOJ says the plaintiffs “lack standing” and finds their arguments “unpersuasive.”

United States
New York

New York’s Cannabis Advisory Board Urges Regulators to Seek Its Input

The board held its first meeting on 2024 on Tuesday to discuss myriad priorities and concerns, including out-of-state-brands, relief for growers, and how to spend cannabis tax revenue.


Germany’s Parliament Passes Bill to Legalize Cannabis for Adults

If the bill clears its remaining steps without delay, including consideration by one more legislative body, it is on track to take effect in April.


Australian Lawmakers Host Daylong Cannabis Legalization Hearing

The Greens’ Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023 got its first hearing this week, following the submission of more than 200 written public comments.