Articles By Alyson Martin


Cannabis Banking Reemerges with a New Name. Will the Outcome Be the Same?

The SAFER Banking Act will get a markup next week. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has committed to adding the HOPE and GRAM Acts.

New York

New York Cannabis Regulators Approve Final Industry Rules Amid Pleas to “Pump the Brakes” on Big Operators 

Meeting recap: Cannabis regulators paved a path for large operators to enter the state’s adult use industry as a program focused on justice-involved retailers is paused by litigation.

New York

City Council, Back for the Fall, Again Tries to Solve Unlicensed Cannabis Problem

While two cannabis-related bills were up for discussion, focused on 311 complaints and an education campaign, several city stakeholders shared fresh concerns and updates on unregulated sales.


Federal Cannabis Review Reaches Milestone as HHS Recommends Schedule III Reclassification

The scheduling review, prompted by Pres. Biden in October, could reshape the cannabis policy landscape in the U.S. Now, the DEA will decide.

New York

NYC Independent Budget Office Forecasts Cannabis Revenue Amid Tumultuous Adult Use Rollout 

Lawsuits, unlicensed sales, and slow retail openings all factor in to how much revenue the city will see from legal cannabis – and when.

New York

NYC Council Presses Mayor Adams for Answers on Unlicensed Cannabis Shop Closures

A new document obtained by Cannabis Wire shows that the city has “resolved” only 14 of the 47 court cases it has filed to close unlicensed shops. This represents only 1% of the more than 1,300 estimated unlicensed retailers.

New York

Chicago Atlantic Gives Early Glimpse into its Cannabis Equity Fund Efforts in New York

Chicago Atlantic anticipates at least 15 new operational legal cannabis shops to open this fall with its backing.


Newly Lobbying on SAFE Banking: Financial and Insurance Entities, and an MSO

Major insurance companies continue to register to lobby on the most closely-watched cannabis legislation in Congress.