House Lawmakers Push Top FDA Official on Hemp Products and Cannabis Rescheduling 

The conversation covered the proliferation of intoxicating hemp products, as well as the timeline for the federal review of whether to move cannabis from Schedule I to III.


FDA Officials Discuss Future of Cannabis Regulation at Food & Drug Law Institute 

The conversation ranged from Congressional inaction on CBD to the myriad unregulated cannabinoid products on shelves today.


FDA Looks Back On Fifty Years of Cannabis Research, Prepares for Growth Ahead

FDA researchers published an article this week titled “From Our Perspective: FDA’s 50 Years of Experience with Cannabis Research Helping to Support Tomorrow’s Cannabis Drug Development.”

CBD, Congress

Congress Picks Up the Baton from the FDA on CBD, Seeking Data

The unregulated hemp-derived cannabinoid marketplace has exploded since the 2018 Farm Bill descheduled hemp. The FDA has asked Congress to help with a “new regulatory pathway.”